All NEW K Chill Euphoric Energy Now Available!!


Try the ALL NEW K Chill Euphoric Energy
Life is fun.  We enjoy every minute of this journey by savoring the good times, and not letting the 'not so good' get us down.  So relax, enjoy the journey, and join us in living a Chill Life on the go!

Made for Active People on the Go!!
Finding time and energy in the day to day can be challenging, especially if you're trying to take care of everyone and everything in addition to yourself. The entire K Chill line has been carefully designed to give you two distinct benefits to help with this inevitable grind.
All K Chill 2 oz shots have been specifically formulated to help lift your mood, or give you a euphoric burst of energy.  You can either choose to reach a deeper level of relaxation or choose a mild/extra strength energy boost.  

K-Chill is made to fit individual needs to help manage stress for overloaded/busy people.

New from K Chill

K Chill's mood lifting relaxation shots are already recognized as being one of the top 5 shots in the market.  We are proud to introduce the newest addition to the K Chill family, K-Chill White Lightning. You can expect the same superior quality as with K-Chill relaxation shots, but now with ENERGY!  K Chill White Lightning is available in two flavors: Fruit Punch (regular strength) and Berry (extra strength).  Each flavor tastes great, and is packed full of benefits!

Why try K-Chill White Lightning

Fast acting and effective
Quick consumption

Dual benefit per 2 oz shot

Tastes great


               Extra Strength Berry                                              Regular Strength Fruit Punch                                                   

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- On The Go Guy