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XFIRE Pens & Pods

XFIRE is one of the fastest growing brands in the vape industry. Sleek & elegant by design, we've created a discreet, versatile, E-cig packed with the latest innovative technology.

Here at XFIRE, we believe an exceptional E-cig should be an experience of modern convenience. We believe in providing luxury quality for an affordable price, and excelling in this area is what we pride ourselves on and whats allowed us to become leaders in the industry.

We provide our customers with fully customizable kits and a variety of colors and flavors to choose from. Tested reliability, smooth pull, portability, and convenience is essential while you're on the go. 

 XFIRE also pairs with a discreet USB charger (included with all pens) and the cartridge pods (5% nicotine) are packed with juicy flavors like Mint, Mango, Fruit Punch, and Classic Tobacco. Our pods deliver incomparable strength and flavor to light up your taste buds.

***Must be 18+ to purchase all XFIRE Items***

ALL Brand & Items we carry are 100% Authentic- straight from the manufacturer.




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