Since 2015, your Direct Source for K-Chill and other top brands!

We are Nationwide Master Distributors for top selling brands, located in Phoenix, AZ. We also just happen to offer our brands via E-Commerce and go "Direct to Consumer" when possible. 

Traditionally, the supply chain looks like this:

A. Manufacturer

B. Master Distributor

C. Distributor

D. Wholesaler

E. Store/Chain

F. Consumer

At KCD, our E-Commerce Platforms allow us to skip all those middle-men and take our items directly to the consumer and pass along as much savings as we can. 

This typically means we offer the best pricing on the brands we carry, and we're always able to offer FREE standard shipping on all orders, with no minimums involved. 

All the brands we carry are direct from the manufacturer and are 100% Authentic. We buy in very large quantities and distribute/sell to tens of thousands of stores and consumers across the U.S. and Internationally.