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Value Pack! K Chill Combo 24 Pack. 12 Blue + 12 Berry Energy + FREE SHIPPING!


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Our Two Most Popular Shots In One Combo Pack!

Includes 24 Total Shots. 12 Original Blue Relaxation Shots + 12 Extra Strength Euphoric Energy Shots!

Love Energy shots? Hate energy shots that don't do anything?

It's time to try EUPHORIC ENERGY! K Chill Energy is unlike any other energy shot on the market. Not only will you experience a huge burst of energy, but you will feel great doing it.

K Chill's mood lifting relaxation shots are already recognized as being one of the top 5 shots on the market. We are proud to introduce the newest addition to the K Chill family - K Chill White Lightening. You can expect the same superior quality as our Relaxation Shots, but now with ENERGY! K Chill Energy is available in two flavors: Fruit Punch (Regular Strength) and Berry (Extra Strength). Each flavor tastes great, and will leave you feeling happy and energized! 

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