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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Great product, one big flaw

Super K Extra Strong is probably one of, if not the best kratom shot on the market. Theres one main issue I have with it though… When I first ordered this product I ordered a 12 pack and each bottle was pretty much filled to the brim, making the supplement facts on the label accurate (6 servings). Recently, though, I’ve noticed that the liquid in each bottle wasn’t even close to the cap (with some exceptions), all unopened as well.

I know this isn’t the fault of the distributor, but instead the manufacturer of these specific shots. I think the problem is that the cap isn’t 100% air tight, so over time some of the liquid in each bottle will leak out, evaporate, etc. That’s just my guess.

I’m not sure if you guys are in touch with the manufacturer of this product directly or if they ask you about costumer reviews on each product, but I would have one tip that I think would solve the problem. Instead of placing a seal just around the cap, they could put a seal on the rim of the bottle before screwing on the cap to make it 100% leak proof.

I do enjoy this product the most, but I just feel that with my recent orders I haven’t been getting the total value that I’m paying for.

Thank you.

Great comments, Noah. Thank you for taking the time to write us this review. Yes, the leakage is due to the manufacturer overfilling the bottles. We have relayed this information to them before. We're hoping they have a resolution soon.

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My Go To

This is one of the only products that can help control my anxiety and give me a boost in energy and mood. Thanks K Chill

Great comments, Lele! Thanks for taking the time to give us a review.

Jessica G
Super K Kratom shot

This product helps my chronic arthritis pain throughout the day. I take small sips when needed and it takes my pain away for a good 4 hours! It gives me some energy too! I’ve been using this product for about 2 yrs now and haven’t needed to switch! I am also off all of my pain medications!

Thanks for the review, Jessica. Great comments!


I'm taking a strong pain killer and been on them for quite a long time. I find that taking Super K has reduced my need for them and take them less frequently. I'm so glad that I discovered this product and will continue to purchase with great value and fast delivery.

Great comments. Glad this product is able to help you. :) Thank you for the review, Dale!


So I decided to check out a store in in a bigger city I'm from a small town we'll from a small town we only have one health food store that carries kratom.
So I tried a couple different products and just for the heck of it I thought I'd give this a shot it says 6 doses per bottle I thought well it was kind of expensive at $25 a bottle but if you divide that by 6 you get where I'm coming from $4 a dose roughly. So I'm in middle of my day and a and feeling a little sluggish as usual nothing I can't get through but I do take Kr ATO M to to help me through these issues.. I didn't want to overtake this because I was told by the vendor that somebody they know drink a whole bottle not realizing it was 6 doses and their feeling was not quite pleasant if you know what I mean . So I tried with just a little tiny sip I need sip to balance it out to make it about 6 doses and I gotta tell you this stuff really worked. It It's good like most of the other shots but when you consider you can get 6 doses out of the bottle it's not a bad deal bottom line is if you got the money buy it you'll enjoy it it's great to have just as a little booster throughout the day I carried it in my pocket for about 3 days and 3 days and it lasted me 6 doses no problem. Enjoy and use safely I wish people would quit abusing stuff like this so the government would keep their paws out of our world.

Thanks for the review, Frankozep!

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