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Christine C.
Highly Recommend

When I first tried this product I was very surprised as to how well it works, and it’s so convenient because there is nothing to brew or mix yourself. Just shake it well and it’s ready to go. If you’ve never tried it before, be careful as it is very strong and could make you a little drowsy the first time. I love it and it is the best product of it’s kind in my opinion. I highly recommend this to anyone.

Great feedback, Christine! Thank you for taking the time to review the Super K Extra Strong!

Jamie P.
Amazing Product, Amazing Staff

I have had this before so there was no surprise with this powerful, effective, uplifting product. Unfortunately I spilled the majority of one of the two bottles I purchased. ☹️ I was very sad.

If you're reading reviews wondering if you want or should purchase this then please, let this be the last review you read. Stop wasting time and get this. Do use responsibly. This stuff is no joke.

Great comments, Jamie! Thanks for the review.


Whew boy! Don’t take this bad boy on an empty stomach like I did! This one is a monster. If you are an experienced user this one is a nice Friday night treat. Not for beginners or a mid day Kratom boost. Big potency! K chill markets this one straight up accurately.

Great comments, Bob! Super K Extra Strong is certainly potent!

Lonna B.
Best bang for buck!

This is the best kratom for the dollar. Stronger for pain and more servings for the $$$.

Great comments, Lonna! Thanks for the review.


Very very strong. In a good way. But I wouldn't recommend taking the whole shot at once.

Thanks for the review, David!

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