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KCD offers several ways to pay for your order:



    What is Express Checkout & Why Use it? 

    Over 250+ customers have signed up for Express Checkout in the first 2 weeks since we rolled it out late July. Have you activated your Express Checkout account yet?

    The KCD Express Checkout option is the most convenient way to pay for your order when checking out. We accept all Credit/Debit types with Express Checkout. It's a great way to save even more $, since you'll get an Extra 5% off every time you use this option thru 10/31. 

    It's the most secure way possible to process your payment, as well as other benefits:

    • You can still use your KCD Rewards Coupons like normal so you can DOUBLE SAVE by using KCD Rewards + the Extra 5% off for using Express Checkout! 

    • No need to enter your card info on every order. We take care of that on our end automatically after you set up your Express Checkout account. 

    • You'll still earn KCD Rewards Points on Every Transaction

    To activate your Express Checkout Account:

    Anyone can activate an account, it literally takes less than 2 minutes. All you need to do is send us your name and payment method information to keep in our PCI Compliant Encrypted System and you can then utilize Express Checkout. 

    Please send us this info one of the following ways:

    • Click Chat/Message Us on the website

    • Email us at

    • Text your info to 480-712-5866

    • Will just need Card#, Expiration Date, 3 Digit Code + Zip Code for Card

    Once this is sent, you are approved to use Express Checkout on all orders!

    If you already have an Express Checkout account, we already have your preferred payment method in our Encrypted System and we will process your payment immediately after your order is placed. 

    The only other time you'd need to update your payment info is if you decide you want to use a different payment method than what's in our system.

    The EXTRA 5% discount will be taken off when we actually process the payment in our office. The 5% payment reduction will occur on all orders thru 10/31 when you use Express Checkout. 


    If you do not want to utilize Express Checkout Option we do have other options currently available:

    • Green Money E-Check/ACH Service
    • Credit/Debit Cards through Amazon Pay                                                                    

      ***There is a $39 Fee for all Returned Checks***

      Another great option is our e-Check/ACH payment system provided by Green Money. Green Money process payments for over 10,000+ merchants from all 50 states and has processed nearly $2 Billion in payments. They are the leader in the E-Check space. We recommend that our customers get familiar with the E-check/ACH option as this is the one of the primary payment systems intact on our website. Upon checkout, you will be asked to enter your routing number and account number for the account you wish to use. This information is securely transmitted to the bank via a gateway and is not stored on our website. 
      The checkout page where the information is entered is encrypted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and passed securely (encrypted) to the gateway so that no transmitted information can be stolen by malicious third-party attackers. You can learn more about the SSL certificate and analysis of our checkout page security by clicking the icon to the left of the URL bar within the browser you are using. 

      FOR ORDERS OVER $999 PLEASE USE THE "KCD EXPRESS CHECKOUT " option only. High $ transactions typically get flagged so we need to keep the higher $ transactions processed in our office- not on the site. 

      Thank you to all our loyal customers!

      KCD Support Team




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