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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Great but can be hit or miss

    Great product. The first time I took a capsule it really provided a stress-free euphoric feeling. My stomach did feel upset later on, however. The next time I took one it was not nearly the same effect.

    Thanks for taking the time to review MIT45 Gold Capsules, Ignazio!

    Shannon G.

    I received these as a promo a couple of purchases ago and they were pretty dang good.

    Great! Glad you were able to try something new with your rewards points!

    Ed H.


    Thank you for the review, Ed!


    I am really excited to take these! The liquid is really good. I’ve taken the lower dose and they’re damn good!

    Thanks for the review, Kyle!

    Greg K.
    Very effective and surprisingly strong!

    I have been using the OPMS liquid kratom shots for over 3 years. They have been very ubiquitous where I live (Jacksonville, FL). It was only about a year ago I tried some of the MIT45 products. When I took the 2 capsule Gold product, I was extremely surprised! I didn't expect much of anything, but without fail, in about a little over a half hour, the traditional kratom effects began to come on. The feeling was more of a energetic super charged energy shot than anything else. It actually took a little longer, but then the euphoric effects began to make themselves known. It was very surprisingly welcome since all I thought I was going to feel was the energetic effects. Maybe it's just me, but the euphoric effects took about an hour or so to come on, and at that point I thought I had already felt all I was going to feel (which was good enough for me). The euphoria was a welcome side effect! Great product!

    Thanks for the review, Greg! The MIT45 Gold Capsules are becoming increasingly popular. Glad to hear you liked it.

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