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Customer Reviews

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Jessica G
Super K Kratom shot

This product helps my chronic arthritis pain throughout the day. I take small sips when needed and it takes my pain away for a good 4 hours! It gives me some energy too! I’ve been using this product for about 2 yrs now and haven’t needed to switch! I am also off all of my pain medications!

Thanks for the review, Jessica. Great comments!


I'm taking a strong pain killer and been on them for quite a long time. I find that taking Super K has reduced my need for them and take them less frequently. I'm so glad that I discovered this product and will continue to purchase with great value and fast delivery.

Great comments. Glad this product is able to help you. :) Thank you for the review, Dale!


So I decided to check out a store in in a bigger city I'm from a small town we'll from a small town we only have one health food store that carries kratom.
So I tried a couple different products and just for the heck of it I thought I'd give this a shot it says 6 doses per bottle I thought well it was kind of expensive at $25 a bottle but if you divide that by 6 you get where I'm coming from $4 a dose roughly. So I'm in middle of my day and a and feeling a little sluggish as usual nothing I can't get through but I do take Kr ATO M to to help me through these issues.. I didn't want to overtake this because I was told by the vendor that somebody they know drink a whole bottle not realizing it was 6 doses and their feeling was not quite pleasant if you know what I mean . So I tried with just a little tiny sip I need sip to balance it out to make it about 6 doses and I gotta tell you this stuff really worked. It It's good like most of the other shots but when you consider you can get 6 doses out of the bottle it's not a bad deal bottom line is if you got the money buy it you'll enjoy it it's great to have just as a little booster throughout the day I carried it in my pocket for about 3 days and 3 days and it lasted me 6 doses no problem. Enjoy and use safely I wish people would quit abusing stuff like this so the government would keep their paws out of our world.

Thanks for the review, Frankozep!

Daniel del Castillo
Excellent & consistent product

I can always count on Super K Kratom Extract for a consistent & powerful effect. So much better than taking narcotic pain killers for my back pain. Grateful for this product.

Thanks for the 5-star review, Daniel. Great comments!

Cindy N
Love it!

Something you can sip on all day to keep your energy level up!

Thanks for the review, Cindy. We appreciate your business.

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